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Who are we?


Rewire is a small, flexible agency that specialises in changes and improvements. Whether it is management consulting, coaching or interim management, we enable organisations and their employees to perform better so that they can achieve what they would like to achieve.

We always work from the basic question. What is the problem behind the problem? Making that question clear and translating it into human motivation, is our business. The combination of hard change goals with breakthroughs in the personal soft field makes the desired change a success.

We provide people with new insights and thus provide your organisation with a new wiring, as it were.


Fixed ideas and models often have an inhibitory effect on the development of employees within the organisation and the organisation itself. Letting go of ingrained patterns leads to a fresh new look where we suddenly discover new opportunities…

People just need adequate space to develop other skills, reformulate their personal goals and put them into practice with enthusiasm at work. There is more room for vision and responsibility, creativity and intuition, job satisfaction and results.

This way, organisations stay alert and dynamic in a rapidly changing world where nothing is certain.

Working method

Rewire provides advice, coaching and interim pathways, in which prevailing ideas, beliefs and habits are turned upside down and are rearranged. This is done by holding a mirror in front of the employees in question and making them realise that their way of working is not the only way. We ask for their unfiltered opinions in a light-hearted way and tell them what is what. We confront them with their blind spots, with their prejudices and sometimes knots even need to be disentangled. Every now and then we get them off their high horses and teach them what cooperation really means.

If it is appropriate in the organisation and the concerns, Rewire likes to make use of the role of the jester. This so-called corporate fool can be used in many ways and knows how to loosen up things. But he also facilitates communication in the corridors and coordination between management and shop floor. Or he looks together with his instructing party to the stronghold of plans and projects, putting his sincere finger on gaps, connections, feasibility, etc.

Some organisations prefer to have a more rational approach to the problem. In such cases, Rewire uses other more structured inputs for flexible and controlled change processes.

We always focus on results and the assurance of action. Otherwise, we are too busy mopping the floor to turn off the tap.


Depending on the demand, we work with other agencies, but also with an ergonomic consultant regarding workshops on safety in the workplace or workplace assessments, amongst others, and with a photographer to, for example, bring the organisational culture into view.


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