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Organisational research and consulting
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Organisational research and consulting

Sometimes things don’t run 100% smoothly in an organisation. Things are at a standstill or are done twice, departments work at cross-purposes without any interaction, people act from their own ivory towers… Where people work together, these things are at the order of the day. But it is so annoying!

Rewire offers an independent and insightful look at the problem and even solves it together with you. After all, it often takes a fresh pair of eyes to put things into proper perspective, while we as an external party aren’t a threat.

Are you tired of putting out one fire after another? Do you think it’s time for things to change? Or do you just want to strike out a new direction for your organisation or department? Please contact us.


You’ve not been feeling comfortable with yourself for some time and at work things are not going smoothly either. Or you want to do something else, but what? Or perhaps you wish to explore another side of yourself in more depth.

Rewire helps you with sincerity and commitment to get back on track to become who you really want to be. Results-oriented, but without fuss. Often a few on-the-job conversations are enough. Depending on the situation, you get a hold again in the form of a report of personal effectiveness or we work with concrete homework exercises.

Would you like to renew yourself? Are you ready for a swift breakthrough? Please contact us.

Interim and project management

Who doesn’t know the feeling? At the beginning of a major project, the leading character drops out and there is no replacement available internally; a delay in the implementation seems to be imminent. Or one of your managers goes on maternity leave and her colleagues can’t do her work on top of their own. Yet the mill just has to keep on turning.

Without losing sight of the people and the processes, we ensure that what must happen actually happens.

So if you temporarily need some extra hands and brains to keep things on track or to get them back on track, please contact us.

Team building

No team is the same and so we don’t have a standard programme. However, some factors reoccur more or less: getting everyone’s noses to point in roughly the same direction, getting to know each other better, knowing where you are with each other. And very important: strengthening the sense of cooperation among all these different personalities, roles and responsibilities.

We use various methods in the role of the fool: icebreakers, unusual exercises, individual assignments, group discussions and fun assignments. This variety, together with a positive approach, evokes an atmosphere of openness, collaboration and spontaneity. You learn very different things about your colleagues, as well as knowing yourself better. The interaction between a serious deepening and joy creates energy and group bonding.

Do you want to light-heartedly make a substantive leap with your team, that has a lasting effect? Please contact us.

Coaching of inpats

Working as an inpat in the Netherlands is great of course. You have a wonderful experience in a different country with a different language and most likely a different culture. And you also get to know people whom you would never have met in your own country. You broaden your horizons.

And yet, sometimes you experience differences. The participation and consensus culture, how the Dutch say what they think and other social customs, norms and behaviours. You notice irritations and doubt within yourself, but you can’t put a finger directly on them.

Mail us. We will be happy to make an appointment to talk to you so that you can rediscover your own position.


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