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What have we done in the past?

Our clients are in the SMEs, amongst others, and in the housing and health insurance market. Several of the people involved have renewed themselves – reoriented, refocused and enriched with new insights and perspectives. In many cases they look differently at themselves and one another, they have reunited from a different angle and formulated new objectives, made a new start. It is no coincidence that all these organisations are successful in their own way.

Below is a list of the type of assignments that we have implemented for them.


•  Professionalisation paths: consultancy on business processes, tasks, responsibilities and powers, coaching on and near the job.
•  Business development: guidance in determining an organisations’ mission statement, pay-off, vision, strategy, market analysis, SWOT analysis and action steps.
•  Drafting of reorganisation plans: analysis of the as is situation and definition of the to be situation regarding core processes, activities, roles, functions, responsibilities and competences, structure and culture.
•  Process optimisation: process modelling and identification of risks, control measures and performance indicators.
•  Culture change: workshops with middle management and employees on for example core values and standards, customer focus, cost reduction, collaboration, communication, feedback, assertiveness, workplace safety, often in combination with individual coaching.
•  HRM support: competency workshops and PDP plans, supervision of self-managing teams and group leaders.
•  Interim and project management, amongst others:
  - setting up a project office;
  - implementation of a CRM application (data model, user interface, business rules and acceptance criteria);
  - various projects around electronic data exchange between different parties;
  - cleaning and updating of data.
•  Coaching of directors, managers and employees in personal effectiveness.
•  Team building.
•  Chairman/process facilitation of a team day.
•  Clown workshops around themes such as cooperation and communication.
•  Teaching at college.

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